January 2021 Update

Produce – Anthony is working hard in the grow houses getting them set up for year around produce. We are harvesting a little (very little) produce now and have plans to be selling  a full line by March 1st.

Appetizers – Brea has just finished with the Take n Bake pizzas at Giovanni’s and has started to put the finishing touches on their homemade appetizers. Goal is to have these products in our online and retail stores by February 1st.

Meal Kits – Kerry and Brea are just starting the thinking processes here. How can we use our products in a combination of ways to offer fresh put together packages that you can cook from your own kitchen. Watch for details.

Public Relations – Jerney has her hands full. Our goal for January is to figure out how to properly communicate with everybody. And son of a biscuit, this is way over my head, You tube, Blog, Instagram, and Facebook. Anyway, I know she’ll figure it all out and we will have email and Instagram this month.

Website – As for me it’s all about building this website. We have so many programs yet to build, and a story to tell, but we’ll get there. Besides the website in general, I’m starting on our vendor package. We know over time we’ll need more vendors you can trust in the Marketplace if we’re to exceed your expectations.
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