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How does all this work, anyway?

Top Three Questions

Are you doing a Farmers Market this year?

Details below

How does your pickup program work?

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Can I still get deliveries to my door?

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Basic answers to your Questions

Details on Riverbottom farm stand?

We have some exciting things coming. However, the farm stand has been discontinued for this season.

How our delivery program works?

We deliver within the Marshalltown area.
Our deliveries to you will be on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4-6:00pm.
For a Tuesday delivery make your order in our on-line store by Monday at 4:00pm.
For a Friday delivery make your order in our on-line store by Thursday at 4:00pm.
Minimum orders are $10.00 for a delivery. Up to $30.00 will have a $2.00 delivery fee. And if your order is over $30.00 delivery is free.

Special Note: Specials and our value bucks are only good through our pickup program and at the farm stand. So if you’re looking to save be sure to check this program out.


How our Loyalty program works?

Value Bucks: For all pickup orders and purchases at the market stand you will receive a coupon valued at 10% of your current purchase to be used on future purchases. 

Special note: This will not apply to any specials, discounted items, or deliveries.

What make our products different?

The RB way!
Be it form our fields, pastures, or kitchen we use “Life Principles” as we work in harmony with nature and her ecosystems for the betterment of:
  • Our environment and future generations
  • The plants and animals we care for
  • And people we interact with!
Visit The Farm and read all about our story as we try to make a difference.

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