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Answers About Ordering

Where can I find your products?

We have a full selection here in our online store.

You can also find us at local events throughout the year.
What is your delivery area?

During checkout, there will be an option for you to check “Local Delivery” if you’ve input your shipping address within the following zip codes:

50158 50142 50120 50005 50078 50632 50173

**Local Delivery is free on orders $30 and over. Orders under $30 pay only a small $2 delivery fee.**

What if I'm outside your delivery area?

We have convenient shipping options for everyone, both inside and outside our local delivery area. If you’re close to our delivery cut off and you’d like delivery, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to arrange a place to meet you with your delivery.

Do I have to use your delivery service?

If you live inside our free local delivery area but you’d rather have you items shipped, simply choose a shipping option during checkout.

When will I receive my delivery order?

We usually deliver on Monday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Don’t worry! We will be in touch to confirm your delivery time.

What if I need my order sooner?

Just get in touch with us here, and we’ll see what we can work out.

Can I change my order?

Absolutely! Just get in contact with us before delivery/shipping day and we will take care of you.

What if I don't like an item I've purchased? Can I get a refund?

We believe in taking care of our customers. If some part of your experience didn’t meet your expectations we want to know about it, and we want to make it right with you. Since 2014 – when we started all this – it’s been a progression of learning experiences. Through mistakes we learn and get better. Feedback from you, good and bad, helps us learn and grow. So, please, contact us with your problem and we’ll work together on a resolution.

Farm Questions

What makes you different from everyone else claiming to be "natural" and "sustainable"?

Our Values.
Our Passion.
Our Sense of Community.
We believe in keeping things simple, truthful, and straight forward in everything we do. We do this because we want to leave the world a better place and bring our community together, not because of a bottom line. Yes, we need to make a living too but it isn’t why we do this. 

Are you homestead?

The “kind” of farm we are has been a debated question since the very beginning. From the start we knew our goals, and we went in search of ways to best complete those goals. We added systems to our skills from regenerative agriculture, aquaculture, and vermiculture. (Just to name a few.) We took inspiration from permaculture, eco villages, and circular economies. We learned everything there is to know about dirt and what it takes to transform dirt into soil. No label can really define us, but in the end we settled on “Homestead”.


What is a homestead?



What does "working in harmony with nature" mean?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines the word “ecosystem” as follows:
All the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment.

Imagine a world where our actions actually enhance the delicate balance of the ecosystem, rather than disrupting it.
At RB Farms we’ve developed and grow our crops within a circular ecosystem where each part of the cycle takes from the last and gives to the next. It’s a balance, like nature intended, where nothing is wasted and every part is self sustaining.

What are the key principals of working within a circular ecosystem?

A circular ecosystem maximizes sustainability and minimizes waste by: 

– Recycling and reusing resources within the system, reducing the need for new inputs

– Utilizing the waste products from one process as the raw materials for another, minimizing overall waste

– Maintaining a balance between producers, consumers, and decomposers to efficiently cycle nutrients and energy

– Relying on renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, and water to power the system

– Minimizing the loss of materials through leakage or inefficient processes

I don't see any organic products. Don't you need to be organic to be all natural?

Our definition of all natural goes beyond organic. At Riverbottom Farms our standard is 100% natural. To be able to put the “Organic” label on our crops and products the USDA rules state that we only need to be at 95%. Even beyond that, we strive to produce only products that were grown/created within a self-sustaining cycle. (Like our circular ecosystem.) That means SO much more – no waste, each part of the process taking from the previous and then giving to the next, everything balanced and working in harmony. That also means no pesticides, organic or otherwise.

What is the RB Farms Certified Seal?

The FDA doesn’t regulate the terms “Natural”, “All-Natural”, or “100% Natural”. That means these statements have been used on product labels and in marketing campaigns when they maybe haven’t been all that truthful. So, we decided to come up with a list that a product must meet to be deemed “All-Natural” by our high standards.
To receive our certified seal, a product must meet all the following criteria of naturalness and sustainability.
1 – No pesticides (organic or otherwise) used in any part of the growing cycle of any ingredient
2 – No synthetic or artificial ingredients
3 – Nothing genetically modified (GMO) or bioengineered and no hormones or unnecessary antibiotics
4 – Each ingredient/piece must be part of a zero-waste philosophy. For example, the lard in the pie crust created from the fat of the pig that went to market.
5 – Every ingredient is grown/produced in a self-sustainable manner – that means in a way like nature might create within the cycle of an ecosystem.

When you see our RB Farms Certified seal you can rest assured that what you’re getting really is an all-natural product that was created completely through self-sustainable means.

I see you treat your animals humanely, but what does that actually mean?

At Riverbottom Farms we believe in raising our animals in a natural setting. When we let our animals live and roam with their natural instincts (versus caging them) it’s ultimately better for all of us – the animal, the farmer, the consumer, and even the environment!

Let’s take our chickens as an example. When we “pasture raise” them (versus the more common “free range”) our hens get a natural diet and a lot of sunshine. This makes our eggs healthier than free range, cage free, and caged chicken eggs. A study published on the National Institute of Health website found that pasture raised hens lay eggs that are higher in vitamins A & E and contain three times more omega-3 fatty acid content. Pasture chickens also do wonders for crops and soil. When they’re out foraging all day, they are naturally taking care of bugs that would otherwise eat crops. Plus, all that scratching for insects and worms is naturally turning and mixing manure into the soil, making it healthier.

If you’d like to know more about how we treat each animal on the farm visit our Blog Page, where all this info will be coming soon!

2024 Event & Coming Soon Questions

I’d love to come and try some samples of your products. Are you going to have a booth at any local events?

Our next major event will be the Central Iowa Fair at the Marshalltown Fairgrounds.
Be sure to check our Event Calendar for the latest info.

Do you have a store or a retail location where I can find your products?
We’ve thought a lot about opening a small store at our farm or even putting some of our products in an existing store. For right now, though, we’ve got something else “in the works” that we’re hoping to announce soon.
I’ve heard rumors about a Christmas event where we can even come pick out a live Christmas tree – is this true?

Yes! In fact, as of May 2024 we’ve got 2000+ premium grade Christmas trees planted. They won’t be ready for this coming holiday season, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There will be fresh trees, vendors, activities, and lots of other community fun. As soon as we finalize the details we’ll make an official announcement on our Facebook, event page, and every other place we can. 

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