Working with life in a "Natural Way"

The RB Way!

Farming with “Life Principles” as we work in harmony with nature and her ecosystems for the betterment of our environment, plants, animals, and people we serve.

Growing plants naturally in living soils that support the balance of nature!

Raising animals humanely on pastures that allow them to enjoy their natural behaviors!

Offering natural products of the heartland that support the homestead lifestyle we promote!

Being self-reliant in our ways so we can live up to our own principles without the comprimise of outside factors!

Living a sustainable lifestyle within our community so we can continue to build for a better tomorrow!


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Riverbottom Farms

Our Story Begins

Our Story Begins Kerry and I started the farm in 2014 with somewhat of a calling in mind. We were getting to that age in ...
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Riverbottom Farms

January 2021 Update

January 2021 Update Produce – Anthony is working hard in the grow houses getting them set up for year around produce. We are harvesting a ...
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Riverbottom Farms

Can You Guess How Much Food We Throw Away?

— Embracing Circularity At Whitmore’s Riverbottom Farms We all do it. We all see other people doing it too. Wasting Food. It’s not THAT much ...
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Working With Nature

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