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Re-Inventing Dine-In at Giovanni’s Pizzeria

Our post-pandemic life may not seem like it has changed much, but it has dramatically changed the restaurant industry. While we are still re-constructing for our future in the business, we had to evaluate the facts. The life of a restaurant has changed, and while there is still plenty of business WHERE we are, there is no growth in the WAY we were. So, we are re-inventing ourselves.

You have seen, over the years, where we partnered with Riverbottom Farms to bring in Fresh, Local Produce for our own products, and now you are able to take home yourself. The Farm, then, started the Market Place so we can collaborate and bring in other Local vendors and products giving you, our customers, the opportunity to buy Fresher, Healthier, and Local.

As we are re-designing, re-branding, and re-inventing ourselves, it takes a lot more than a fresh coat of paint and a new layout. While these things are important, we are thinking and looking further ahead. What kind of demand will we have 10-20 years from now? What service is going to drive our business? Most important to us, what kind of lasting relationships are we building with our customers?

Starting in 1968, Giovanni’s has been the “Pizza Hub” of Newton – from birthday parties, football games, Friday night dinners, and the reunion place of old family friends. There is something special that comes along with being that place – a sense of responsibility even. To some, it is just brick and mortar, but it is that same brick and mortar that built those relationships and memories.

So how do you go about changing that? How do you go about changing your community’s favorite “Pizza Hub”? How do you even approach the idea of removing the original booth where Dan and Tina had their first date? The place where he proposed, or had dinner when their parents were in town? How do you take those beautiful memories and evolve them?

Our answer – to be honest and truthful – is that we dislike change just as much as you do! We miss the Friday Nights and being a small part of your special occasions. We may have only been the person re-filling your glass or taking a group photo for you, but it is those little memories that we will miss the most. Unfortunately, life does not stay still like those photos. We must grow and adapt with the changing world around us so to not become obsolete.

We have already started the evolution. We have changed our menu to optimize the quality of your pizza dinner, while also dedicating an employee who is passionate about cooking and developing new products to help expand our menu. Riverbottom Farms has also moved their bakery in house. We boast of now having a Produce cooler, along with our Meats, Take n Bake, and Dessert Coolers. We are building it all with a Farmer’s Market concept in mind. Fresh Local meats, fruits, veggies, baked goods, and more available in a dining experience that leaves you wanting more…

And so, it only seems fitting to theme our next Market Place Event around bringing back dine-in. We have re-arranged and added a fresh coat of paint in the hope of giving you a New dine-in experience. Please join us Wednesday, July 7th, for lunch or dinner, to celebrate the return of dine-in at Giovanni’s.

New drinks, new pizzas, and new memories are yet to be made at Giovanni’s!!

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