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These are farm-fresh eggs from our pasture-raised chickens that we have freeze-dried. One dozen medium eggs are packed in each mylar bag which keeps them fresh for 25 years!!  Simply add water to reconstitute and you have instant and healthy eggs. These are great for camping or traveling, and they are easy to store.

🌿RB Naturals Guarantee: We strive to use the most natural and sustainable farming techniques out there, while maintaining the highest level of tastiness and nutrition. This is item is 100% natural and comes from 100% naturally raised chickens.

How this product conforms to our philosophy:

🌿We raise our chickens in a completely natural environment where they are able to roam around as they like, eating only 100% naturally. Eggs collected from chickens treated this way have been proven to provide SO many extra vitamins and minerals when compared to average supermarket eggs. **

🌿There are NEVER any artificial ingredients or toxins added into our freeze dried eggs. When we say “All Natural” we really mean it – no hidden meanings or mixed messages simply for the use of marketing.

** See this “Egg-citing” article from Mother Earth News to see just how much healthier free roam eggs can be.,200%20IU%20of%20vitamin%20D.

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