Headache Roll On

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Fast-acting all-natural relief for headache pain.


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This roll on is amazingly fast-acting to rid you of your headache. It contains coconut oil, shea butter, peppermint essential oil, and lavender essential oil. The coconut oil melts quickly on your skin to aid in absorption into your skin – making it easy to apply. The shea butter nourishes and moisturizes your skin. The peppermint essential oil helps alleviate muscle aches, uplifts your mood, and energizes you. The lavender essential oil is calming, reduces anxiety, relieves pain, and improves brain function. Just roll onto your forehead and temples, and your headache is history! We offer this product in a 15 ml roll-on bottle that will last a lot longer than your headaches.

Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions .75 × 3.25 in

Knock that headache out with this balm!

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